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Today’s dictation Machine with the latest technologies  is as popular as ever . Whether you are dictating quick notes or an entire document, processing your voice from start to finish has never been easier. Transcription has a whole new meaning with today’s dictation machine. Using our Phoenix Talk App on a smart device via Apple or Android to generate the spoken word as digital audio files moved within a network or across the world on the internet. Once reaching  a destination document processing occurs  with transcription software  such as Dragon speech recognition, both front end and backend editing, or an assistant listening and transcribing the audio with software running on Windows or MAC. Returning the completed  document to the smart device allowing the author to review, edit and sign.

Our Hosting Service is an excellent way to experience a superior Dictation and transcription solution with no burden of onsite hardware to maintain and no large upfront  capital expense.

For transcription company’s  our Hosting Service is ideal way to cut your monthly expense by eliminating  needs for onsite telephone lines or high bandwidth internet service.

Central Voice provides all of these innovations many coming from our internal software developers, such as Phoenix Talk, Phoenix Server, Phoenix Hosting Service, iNet3, iChannel Express and we are also a certified dealer for Dragon Speech Recognition. We can provide you quality products and service all while beating the competition.

Central Voice has been in the dictation business for over 40 years, assisting customers to meet their changing needs. We work hard to provide both the latest in technology, as well as consistent, quality service.

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Our friendly staff is always ready to assist you. When you call, a live representative always answers – not an automated system. If you have broken dictation or transcription equipment, visit our Repair Center. Many of the applications we sell can be downloaded, as well as product manuals, and step-by-step troubleshooting in our Knowledge Base.

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